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Raj Surya Combination

 Raj Surya Combination


Raj surya combination, as the name suggests itself it is a combination of two words “raj” which means to rule and “surya” which is a name of sun god, a person who possesses the combination of this two will rule like sun god.


As we all know sun god who we know by the name of surya is the ruler of all the nine planets, he is considered as their chief, he is the god who shines over all, so the person who bears the qualities of surya dev shines through life just like it doesn’t matter in what sort of social conditions they are born in, they are entitled to be the most influential people of their time.



Legend of raj surya


Who have not heard the legendary story of Karna who was believed to be the son of surya dev if we go by legends kunti who was the mother of Karna, in her young days she did great service as a student to rishi durwasa who in return blessed her with the boon to call any god and can have a child of her desire who bear the characteristics of the god, being at the young age kunti was innocent and as to test the boon she called upon to surya dev , who appeared and blessed her with a child who became the most fierce warrior of the Mahabharata known to be as karna. The kavach and kundal of kana was a combination raj surya talisman.


Evidence in today’s time


Even in today’s time people possess the characteristics of surya dev shine bright and reach the top most heights to rule their field to become successful, certain political leaders, film stars, businessman who start literally from the rags and reach the highest posts in life, this isn’t a matter of chance but they possess certain qualitieswhich are favored by the sun god which they don’t even know about or don’t want the world to know there secret.


Our country has produced tycoons like never before, who have not heard of ambani, Tata and others who started with nothing but our ruling the world today in all the areas.


Raj surya combination for you


Now don’t you think that seeking this blessing of surya dev can help you achieve the desired ambition of your life, it can help to gain the success you always longed for, to be one of the greatest entrepreneur of our time, well this all can be achieved if you accept the blessings of raj surya talisman in your life. This talisman makes you a direct bearer of the blessing from surya dev, and this works irrespective of gender it doesn’t matter if you a man or a woman. Gods only favor those who follow the right path irrespective of gender.


  • Beneficial for those who are in judiciary system such as lawyer’s judge, advocates and Solicitors.
  • Political leaders who aim to be MLA, MP, Prime minister and even President.
  • People who want to be administrative services such as IAS officers.
  • Those who seek a career in IPS, Army as strong leaders such as Commissioners, Generals, Majors etc.


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