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Rahu Puja

 Rahu Puja



Rahu is not a planet. It is a mere shadow of a planet that usually crosses Sun and it leads to a solar eclipse.


This shadow can create a lot of problems for a person that include but are not limited to marital issues, tension between friends and even mental ailments. So, in order to avoid these problems, a person should do its best to please rahu.



Mantras of Rahu Puja:


  1. Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah
  2. Rahva astottara shata nama vali


Key aspects of the Rahu Puja:


  • A Rahu puja cannot be done without the above mentioned mantras.
  • The first mantra needs to be repeated 18000 times within duration of 40 days.
  • The second manta can be repeated at any time on a Saturday.
  • Reciting 108 names of Rahu is also a good option if you wish to please the shadow planet of Rahu.


Benefits of Rahu Puja:


  • Rahu Puja is a must for women who have had a history of a single or many miscarriages. It helps in protecting the unborn child in the future.
  • People who are dealing with “Greh Kalesh” or fights at home would be vastly benefitted from this puja.
  • This puja is also essential for people who have children that are facing a serious health hazard.
  • This puja is also beneficial for businessmen who are suffering losses and want to give a new start to their businesses.
  • Young people who are having troubles in finding the correct life partner would benefit a lot from this puja and find their Mr. Right or Ms. Right easily.
  • People who have weak nerves and want to become a leader rather than a nervous loser should take assistance of this puja as it builds confidence and helps a person to turn into a leader.