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Puja for Money

The real bread and butter of life is money, not the former, but fortune favors only a few, others just go through life with a hole in their pocket, all efforts are wasted when no reward is earned.

If you have the same problem than we can give the solution, organize for yourself a puja with us today to improve your monetary condition, we can perform it either at your home, or any temple you choose, if not then we can also suggest a temple, puja prasad will be delivered to your place, video recording of puja as well.


Kuber Puja Kuber Puja
Lord Kuber is the keeper of the wealth of Goddess Laxmi where as Goddess Laxmi is considered as the Goddess of wealth and riches.
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 Shukra Puja Shukra Puja
Shukra or Venus is the brightest planet that controls the materialistic attachments of people. It is a planet which needs to be pleased in order to ensure that you have enough sense to stay in control of the materialistic pleasures.
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Maa Kali Puja Maa Kali Puja
Kali is a Devi of dark and is ruthless and fearsome. Kali is also known as Chamunda Devi, Chandi, and Kalratri etc. kali puja is mainly performed on the New moon day and kartik amavashya.
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 Puja for Business Success Puja for Business Success
All the people want their businesses to be successful. But many people don’t often pay respects to gods and goddesses when the business is prospering. Many people also don’t thank the lord for business success.
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Shri Yantra Siddhi Puja for Dhan Prapti Shri Yantra Siddhi Puja for Dhan Prapti
Money has become a vital tool for our daily existence. Without it we can’t survive for long. Therefore, people who put some effort in keeping the money stick with them for the long run are very smart.
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