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Precautions at Holi

Holi is the festival that is everyone’s favorite, there is no age bar for this festival everyone enjoy it with the same enthusiasm be it the children, young or the old.


All participate to enjoy on this day but what is important to keep in mind is that there are some precautions that are must to follow such as:


Do not involve in any gambling on this day:


  • If you are using colors then try to play with natural colors which are made up of flowers and other natural ingredients
  • Make sure you should wear clothes which can cover maximum of your body to be saved from harmful color effects.
  • Apply oil in your hair, so at the evening it will be easier for you to remove all the colors from your hair and severe damage can be removed.
  • Stay away from any sort of drinking on this day, as very often it results into unnecessary fights which are later regretted.
  • Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of colors as the chemical in them can damage your eyes and in some extreme cases can even cause serious infection or blindness.
  • Those who are color sensitive and are easy to prone to skin allergies must stay away from all colors on the day of holi.
  • Try to use clean water instead of dirty as most of the impurity comes from water itself and with color it just becomes more dangerous.
  • Do not misbehave with anyone under the effect of the ceremonial merry making.

With all these precautions you can have memorable holi time with your family and friends.