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Pitra Dosha Remedies

Pitra Dosha Remedies What is Pitra Dosha?


The reason behind the occurrence of this dosha is more than just the planetary alignment at the time of your birth but because of the misery of your ancestors. According to Hindu tradition it is really important to perform proper ritual which are related to the passing of soul from this world to another and if these rituals are not performed than the gates of heaven will not open for the soul and it will be trapped into the confinement of this world alone. To make aware of the members of the family and free one’s soul this dosha occurs in a person’s kundali.


How can it affect you?


Pitra dosh can create many problems in a person’s life which can be observed by the presence of these problems such as


  • Unnecessary clashes and conflicts between family members
  • Loss of ancestral property
  • Failure of business and career in your life
  • Wealth and monetary shortage
  • Conceiving a child becomes really difficult

    Pitra dosha remedies


    Pitra dosh can be removed by following the guidelines of our Vedic instructions such as


  • Pitra dosh nivaran puja
  • Performing tripandi shraad
  • Shraad puja on Kashi Ghat
  • Pitra shanti mantra jaap and yagna
  • Pitra dosha upaye

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