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Perform Puja at Holi

Importance of Holi


Holi is the festival of colors and is celebrated throughout the world; the significance of holi began with in the era in which lord Vishnu took avatar of Narsimha half lion and half man and ended the reign of the greatest demon of that time Hirranakashyap and saved his great devotee prahallad.


Some other stories which are associated with the festive day is of infant Krishna as well, who was attacked by pootna a witch who was sent by Kans to kill him but was brought upon her death by lord krishna this was also the same day of holi parva. This was the same day on which Mahadev was persuaded by Kamdev and he in his rage burned him to ashes.


Benefits of Performing Puja at Holi


Performing puja on holi is very beneficial as this is one of day which is most blessed by Lord Vishnu and Mahadev, performing puja on this day as per Vedic instructions will make you observe changes such as


  • Wealth and riches flow in your life
  • Abundance and prosperity will be observed
  • Success in all your work will be observed
  • Career and business will flourish