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Payment Method at Kamiya Sindoor

There are following payment methods at the Kamiya Sindoor for the purchasing of the any Services or products:


  • Prepaid Method

  • COD Method

  • Cash Method (For Local Customers)


Prepaid Method


In prepaid method you will make the payment first in our Bank Accounts then we ship your products to your location, it is applicable for all the customized products and other large amount products and services.


COD (Cash on Delivery)Method


In this method, if you require a products and the cost is applicable for the COD services also your pin code is applicable for the COD services then courier boy will deliver your product to you and receive cost of the product from you. By this it is called the Cash on Delivery.


And this service is applicable for the products only not for services, this service is depends on the pin code serviceable area of the courier service we have attached.


Cash Method


In this method you have to come at our office if you are local customer, we gives you product and receive the cost of the product. This service is applicable for those customers who cab able to come at our place.


There is always a return policy on every payment method of the products and services. For the return issue you have Email us and contact us with the complete details of the products and services.


Delivery Method of the Products at Kamiya Sindoor


  • By Professional Courier (For Prepaid Orders)

  • By Indian Post (For Prepaid Orders)

  • By COD Couriers (For COD Orders)

  • By Hand Delivery (For Local Customers Only)


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