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Parthiv Shivlinga Puja and Yagna

Parthiv Shivlinga Puja and Yagna Importance of Parthiv shivlinga

Parthiv shivlinga is the simplest form of shivlinga that can be made by anyone who wish to perfom puja to shiva as it is made up of mud.

The very word Parthiv means that belongs to earth and nature this type of shivlinga was used by the great sages and rishis of ancient India.

Even in the Teta yug when lord Rama the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu was at war with the most feared demon of all time the ravana, he did Parthiv shivlinga puja and yagna to seek lord shiva's blessings before going to the war.

This puja and yagna will make you achieve everything that you want and the best muhurat to perform this puja is maha shivratri as Mahadev is most gracious and giving on this day

Benefits of Parthiv shivlinga puja and yagna

A well performed puja will gain you the auspicious blessings of lord shiva and you will observe the benefits in your life such as

  • All the Navagrah will be in your favor
  • The negative effect of malefic planets rahu and ketu will go away from your life
  • If there is any life threat and fear of death is present in your life it will parish
  • Abundance and prosperity will come in your life
  • Wealth and riches will flow in your life
  • Business and career will flourish
  • Ghosts, spirits and paranormal beings will stay away from your life.
  • Your soul will be uplifted than being a normal human being
  • Wisdom and intellect will be developed
  • Attaining moksha will become much easier to achieve
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We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual help and will provide with all the samigri and genuine pandit who can perform Parthiv shivlinga puja and yagna for you, to do so leave a query on our website or contact us on our helpline.


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