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Panchbhoot Mala

Panchbhoot Mala

Panch Bhoot Mala is a collection of the five products Kamal Gatta, Sandal wood, Rudraksha beads, Tulsi Beads and Sphatik beads.


The Panch Bhoota Mala concept was evolved from the five prime elements of the physical body Prithvi (Earth), Vaayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Akash (Sky).



In PanchBhoot Mala all the properties of five products are combined which is very effective.


All individual products have their own property in terms of the healing and problem solution. If you have any type of the problems you can wear the PanchBhoota Mala.






Uses and Benefits of PanchBhoot Mala


PanchBhoot Mala has the following benefits and uses:


  • PanchBhoot Mala givesheal and transmits its special blessing to the wearer.

  • It is especially auspicious to wear PanchBhoot mala during sacred activities like meditation or puja, or while attending a Homa, while conducting a Yagna or visiting a temple.

  • This Mala is energized by the Divine Powers by its positive you can change your personality and thinking.

  • The crystal beads included in this Mala increases the concentration power of the wearer.

  • This Mala cools the body, calms the mind, help relieve stress, headaches and overall promotes healing and increases intuition.

  • PanchBhoot Mala produces energy, gives bravery, strengths and increase will power.

  • PanchBhoot Mala also control the blood pressure, protects you from the super natural powers and evil eye effects.

  • For the better result wear this Mala in neck either keep it with you, there are not any side effects of the PanchBhoot mala.


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