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Ouija Board

 Ouija Board



Ouija board is a tool to talk to dead. It has been used since time immemorial. It is believed that this Ouija Board has come from Americans. The Ouija procedure uses a Board of letters to spell out words and to get answers from dead. One Planchette device is used to make communication with the dead. This is not an easy procedure and should not be done alone and without the guidance of any experts.





Some rules are there to be followed strictly while performing Ouija.

Ouija Rules:


  • The process is very dangerous if not done properly. So be serious and active before inviting any ghost.

  • Never forget to say goodbye before ending the procedure. All ghosts are not good. Some ghosts are very obstinate and hesitate to say goodbye. So be sure of saying goodbye to end the conversation.

  • Choose a safe place for Ouija. But never choose your home because this place is more vulnerable for negative energy and sometimes invited ghost does not leave the place permanently.



Ouija Team :


Ouija should not be done alone. A team of four to five members are required to perform this act. The collective energy and positivity makes environment strong and suitable for any kind of ghost. But if you find your invited ghost is getting anger and not giving answers of your question then say goodbye without any delay.


While performing this process be confident, comfortable and concentrated to avoid any kind of negative energy.