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One Faced Round Rudraksha

One Faced Round Rudraksha


One faced rudra or ek mukhi round rudraksha has only one line on it and round shape. As according to the scripture of our vedic puranas and text books, ek mukhi round rudraskha is very rare and more powerful among all rudraksha.


Normal ek mukhi rudraksha bears the shape of oval or flattened cashew or half moon. Wearing one mukhi round rudraksha will bring the transcendence, super activeness, and utmost spirituality, cosmic and super consciousness.


It makes its wearer more vibrant like Lord Shiva himself due to its tremendous strength, power and salvation. It is also considered the third eye of lord shiva. A wearer starts seeing its miraculous result after wearing it and we have observed its tremendous benefits by practically and research.


The original one faced round rudraksha is very rare and less available. But wearing only genuine can do miracles with the life of possessor.


In generally through our experience we can say that one mukhi round shape rudraksha provides many healing effects on human beings and used in obtaining Sound health, immense wealth, prosperity, harmony in relationship, good married life, peace, Stability of mind, unrestrained money flow, good luck, fortune, fulfilling of desires, spiritual insights.


Most saints and astrologers say that one faced round rudraksha has tremendous supernatural power and a wearer needs to be very strong religious and revered with sacred at heart and soul, only a lucky person with strong will power can wear this rudraksha.


Before wearing any rudraksha a shiva puja for the energizing the rudraksha is performed, we provide all the rudraksha with proper vedic puja and charging of it, for getting any original rudraksha, you can contact us we provide certified rudraksha in India.