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Rare One Eye Coconut (Ekashi Nariyal) Uses and Benefits (हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें)

One Eye Coconut or Ekashi Nariyal


What is One Eye Coconut (EkashiNariyal)?


One-eye coconut is the most auspicious treasure of Tantra. It is one of the rarest and important items of tantra sadhana. One eye coconut is supposed to be the blessing of Devi who fulfills all your desire.


Generally, we know that coconut has three dotted eyes on its head but this coconut has one eye. One-eye coconut is also known as “Ekashinariyal” or “Shreefal” and it can be found in millions coconut.


Significance of One Eye Coconut

One-eye coconut or Ekashinariyal is found at sea-shore.It is believed that One-eye coconut is a symbol of third-eye of Lord Shiva. One-eye coconut is very effective for its keeper.


It is said that the owner of the One-eye coconut never faces any kind of hurdles in their life, especially financial issues.


This coconut is very auspicious and useful and is the best way to get the blessings of God and Goddesses. You can keep this anywhere like in the office or in the workplace and businessmen can keep this one-eye coconut in the Locker.


This one-eye coconut will help you to solve the money-related problems and you will never face monetary problems in your life.

One-eye coconut is mainly used for bringing health, wealth and prosperity in one’s life. If you want to receive the blessing of Devi Lakshmi then One-eye coconut can help you in this case.

Benefits of One-Eye Coconut (Ekashi Nariyal)


You can get following benefits by the pujan and placing of One Eye Coconut:


  • You will achieve success in business and work.
  • For the prosperity and wealth, it is the most beneficial tantra product.
  • One-eye coconut will help you to develop strong concentration.
  • You will get the success in Sadhana with the help of One Eye Coconut.   
  • One Eye Coconut helps to do sudden growth in business and work.
  • With the help of this, you will get peace of mind.
  • For the overall growth in business, career, money, and life One Eye Coconut is very beneficial.
  • One Eye Coconut is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and Third Eye of Shiva that’s why it helps in wealth-related all works and removes and nullify the evil effects and negative energy.


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