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Omkareshwar Jyotirling

Omkareshwar is located in state of Madhya Pradesh and is one of twelve jyotirling that are dedicated to bhagwan shiva.


Omkareshwar is associated to many stories which relates with its origin one story which is very famous is that once Narada the son of lord brahma was on his parikrama and visited vindiya parwat and told him about the great stories and importance of meru parwat this made vindiya to become greater than meru and he started worshiping to lord shiva to be blessed by the boon of greatness.


Lord shiva was pleased with the worship off vindiya and appeared before him and granted him his desired boon to be taller and greater than meru parwat but demanded one condition in return that he will never create problems for the devotees of bhagwan shiva, on agreeing to this condition lord shiva transformed into the jyotir linga which got divided into two half and known by the name of Omkareshwar and Ammareshwar.


As the time passed vindiya forgot about his promise and started creating problems for devotees and as well for the surya dev and Chandra dev to solve this problem all the devtas reached to Agastya rishi for help. Agastya rishi visited the vindiya parwat along with his wife and asked him to not grow more but vindiya refused so finally Agastya rishi took a promise from him that he should not grow at least till Agastya rishi returns again and he agreed but the rishi never returned and the growth of the mountain was limited.


Even today you can find out that both Omkareshwar and Ammareshwar are found on the same parwat and devotees from all over the world reach the place to seek blessing of bhagwan shiva as he is believed to fulfill all that is asked from the darshan of this jyotirling.


Some exciting facts about Omkareshwar


  • Agastya rishi played a very important role, so the devotees can visit the jyotirling

  • Narada muni acted as the medium for the formation of this jyotirling

  • Omkareshwar is located with one more jyotirling Ammareshwar


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