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Nazar Battu

Nazar Battu Nazar Battu is a Small Black colored Fruit which is acquired from Nazar Tree. It is very powerful and potent in protecting anything from harmful effects of evil eyes, spirits and black magic.


In many cases and situations someone may cast and evil eye purposely to destroy harmony, individual's life and profession. Those, who cast evil eye purposely on others, are usually born on special days and posses strong magical control.


Nazar Battu can be used as protective talisman for family to remove all types of defects such as evil eye, spirits, black magic and negative or black power. It can be tied or hung on the entrance of home for attracting the positive power and Energy and protection From Evil Eye.


It is said to be a symbol of protection and purity which protects your family, home, workplace or vehicle from Evil eye and negative energies.


Benefits of Nazar Battu


  • It protects wearer from evil eyes and impact of bad energies.

  • Nazar battu creates positive energies and shield of protection around us.

  • No evil effect and energies can harm you, if you wear Nazar battu.

  • Nazar battu can be used for bringing Good Luck, fortune and fame.

  • It is used to experience harmony and happiness in family.