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Navratri Vrat Puja Vidhi

Navratri puja is the most auspicious time to please the goddess durga, maa saraswati and laxmi including their other incarnations. According to lord brahma those who keep navaratri vrat are blessed to live this mortal world with all pleasures this life has to offer, a person who keeps this vrat is blessed by all the nine incarnation of the goddess.


But there is always a method to do everything in life though it is absolutely true that above all rituals is your devotion, without devotion no amount of rituals and viddhi will make you observe the blessings of maa durga but at the same time if you have devotion then you want to make sure that every ritual, pooja is performed as per vedas as we know devotion is nothing but love towards the deity and whoever we love we show are complete devotion.


Navratri lasts for nine day and ten nights, the tenth night is the most important but according to our rituals, vrat is observed on all the nine days including puja viddhi.


Navratri Vrat involves some important events which are must to perform


Ghata Sthapana Muhurat 2016 will be:


Date 8 April 2016 1st October 2016
Tithi Beginning Time 11:23:15 05:41 on 1st Oct 2016
Tithi End Time 12:30:07 07:45 on 2nd Oct 2016


  • Ghata Sthapana


    Ghata Sthapana is also known as kalash sthapana which is done for the blessings of Devi Shakti. It is very important to keep in mind that kalash sthapana is performed only during day light and not in night as this can anger Devi Shakti and adverse effect can be observed in life.


    The best time to perform ghata sthapana is during first day in the correct muhurat of first half of the day, arrange a mud pot and put some barley seeds in it then place some mango leaves on it and place a Nariyal on its top wrapped in the red chunari, you can also place a silver coin or some flowers in the kalash and can finish by praying to devi shakti by placing a diya and performing shakti aarti.


  • Chowki Sthapana


    Place a chowki and apply a clean red cloth on it, now place an idol or a photo frame of devi durga on it and begin durga aarti


  • Durga Puja and Aarti


    Prepare a thali consisting, Kumkum, kada, dhoop, rice and flowers and prasad samigri now light a diya in front of Devi idol and begin durga aarti as per Vedic instructions.


  • Kanya Puja


    Kanya puja is done on the last day of navratri which is ninth, arrange a satvik meal for little girls including, poori, chana, and halwa and apply tilak on their foreheads and finish by giving some gifts such as money or new clothes all this be done with complete devotion as maa durga’s blessings will be observed only by the happiness of the kanya puja.


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