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Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri Puja Kit We have different types Navratri Puja Kit:


First Type: Cost: Rs: 1100 (Include All Pujan Samagri)


Second Type: Cost: Rs: 2100 (Include All Pujan Samagri + Kamakhya Sindoor)


Third Type: Cost: Rs: 4100 (Include All Pujan Samagri + Kamakhya Sindoor + Free Consultation)


Fourth Type: Cost: Rs: 7100 (Include All Pujan Samagri + 3 Kamakhya Products + Free Consultation)


Navratri Puja Products


Ghee, Haldi Gath, Haldi Powder, Dhoop, Kapoor, Supari, Laung, Roli, Rui Ki Batti, Match Stick, Red Cloth, Agarbatti, Itra, Dona, Elaichi, Abheer, Gulal, Kesar, Agarbatti, Wheat, GangaJal, Honey, Mishri, Shrinagar Samgri, Sapt Dhan, Sapt Mitrika, Jau, Janeu, White Cloth.


If you want to buy Navratri Puja any product or complete puja kit then contact us at +91-9870286388.


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Navratri Puja has always been special for the Hindu Devotees as it goes constantly for the nine days. During these nine days, devotees keep fast and chant Goddess Durga’s bhajan, aarti and mantra. Navratri is celebrated twice in a year.

To perform this puja, you need pujan samgari. But in fast paced life, it becomes hard to arrange all the pujan samagri. But now there is no need to consider how you will arrange as everything has been arranged by us and available in the form of Navratri Puja Kit.


Navratri Puja Samagri Kit

To perform Navratri Puja, this special Navratri Puja Kit has been prepared. This kit holds all possible items belong to this puja and they have been described below. Without having these Navratri Items, this special puja cannot be performed. This kit has been prepared after consulting experienced priests. Navratri Puja Kit prepared by us contains only quality based product to make your puja accomplished.


Apart from the above mentioned, devotees need to arrange some other pujan items like Panchamrit, Fruits, Nariyal, Mango Leaves, Paan ka Patta, Panch Ratna, Phool Mala, Gold and Silver Coin, Aasan, Kalash, mitti, Akhand Jyot and Dhruwa.

Buy Kamakhya Sindoor and Kamakhya Kit for Navratri


If these items are packed, they will not remain fresh. This Navratri Puja Kit is available at reasonable price. No need to contemplate more how you will arrange all pujan samagri.

Now, a great option is available in front of you. And you just need to order your kit and just focus on your puja instead of collecting pujan samagri.


Have a Happy Navratri Puja.


Want to buy Navratri Puja Kit Contact at 9870286388, we also provide Cash On Delivery service also.

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