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Navratri Fast Vedic Instructions

Importance of Navratri Fast


Navratri festival is celebrated to celebrate the nine roop of Devi durga that is why this it is celebrated for nine days. This festival is widely popular among all the Hindus all around the world but special celebration can be noticed in the Northern region of India, West Bengal and Nepal.


One very important aspect of these festival is abstaining yourself from a selected items which is observed as a fast, many misunderstand that keeping a fast is only associated with not having food on the particular day but it is also important to avoid many other things which malign our body and thought such as ill thoughts for anyone, jealousy and greed. A complete fast is observed by being in complete control of your doing, behavior and thoughts that is the only way your fast is completed.


According to vedas the correct way of keeping a fast is to getting rid of tamsik pravarti and showing devotion towards the deity and there are guidelines which are a must to follow to observe fast in compete manner.


Important guidelines of Navratri Fast


Navaratri fast is dedicated to nine roop of maa durga and each day some important guidelines are given by the vedas which are


  • Take bath early morning before sunrise
  • Get yourself dressed in the clean clothes, it is preferred if your clothing is white in color
  • Perform your prayers to the incarnations of the goddess durga each day
  • For complete devotion it is advised to perform “nirjala vrat” that is without food and water
  • Those who are not able to keep nirjala fast are advised to keep “ekann” vrat which includes only one proper meal during the day
  • Prepare your food with kuttu, singhada and sabudhana mainly and avoid anything prepared with spices
  • Fruits and vegetables in their natural form are instructed to consume in the one-time meal by the Vedas
  • Do not eat anything that is tamsik pravarti such as alcohol and meat
  • Do not get involved in any physical intimacy during the period of fast


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