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Navratri 9th day Maa Siddhidatri

Navratri 9th day Maa Siddhidatri


The navratri parva is completed on the ninth day with the celebration and worshipping maa Siddhidatri. The goddess has a very large number of devotees except of normal worshipers to the tantrik and aghori as she is believed to provide all that we desire in this life. The name of the goddess is Siddhidatri as she is the holder of all the siddhis that are present, which are twenty six in total.


As per the Hindu mythology once shiva went into a great meditative state and worshipped goddess Siddhitari who imparted all her blessings on him and made him a siddheshwar, it was this time when she resided in the half body of Mahadev and since then shiva came to known as ardhnareshwar. Lot of tantriks seek blessing of the goddess to receive the heights of their power and obtain siddhi from her.


The goddess has four hands in which she holds a trishul, a chakra, lotus and a conch, she sits on a lotus and travels on a lion. Those who observe fast in her name experience powers beyond normal lives and find true meaning of their lives and can actually attain moksha from the cycle of rebirth. Those who worship her constantly are also bestowed upon with all worldly pleasures in their lives.


The period of navratri is considered very auspicious to obtain her blessings as this period is blessed by all the nav roop of the goddess.


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