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Navaratri 8th Day Maa Mahagauri

Navaratri 8th Day Maa Mahagauri


Mahagauri is the incarnation of goddess parvati and is worshiped on the eight day of navaratri parva. Mahagauri is one of the most beautiful goddesses and is white more than moon and surya put together that is why she has got the name maha gauri which means the most fare of all.


The goddess has four hands and rides a white bull and holds a weapon in one of her hands which is a trident and in another she holds a damroo. The goddess is worshiped to obtain her blessings of attracting happiness in our life, the period of navratri is considered the best period to attract the auspicious blessings of the goddess. The origin of the Devi took place so she can vanquish the evil from the face of earth; it was due to the demon shumba and nishumba who two were creating havoc in the three worlds and the whole universe were in deep troubled state, to get rid of this situation a goddess appeared by the grace of maa parvati and she vanquished all the demons and reestablished the righteous dharma in balance.


Maa Mahagauri worship is very easy which involves a set of rituals such as taking bath early morning, getting dressed in clean clothing and performing aarti in the name of the goddess and observing a fast throughout the day in which only one meal is allowed throughout the day which should be satvik samigri ann ahahar made up of kuttu and singarha.


A well performed puja in chaitra and ashwin will make you experience goddess blessings in the form of increased happiness, attraction of wealth, flow of abundance and prosperity and achieving every goal you set for yourself. So, attract all these divine blessings in your life this navratri worshiping Maa Mahagauri.


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