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Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata

Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata


Skanda mata is another durga roop of Devi parvati and she is worshiped on the fifth day of navratri parva. Skanda mata gets her name because of her son lord kartikeya as he is known by the name of Skanda as well as goddess parvati is the mother of him she is called as Skanda mata.



According to the legends once Devi parvati was in a meditative state along with lord shiva and there collaborative meditation gave birth to an energy source. Now, the news was spread across the universe about this source and also reached to the ears of the demon tarakasur and he wanted to steal it and use it for his own benefits, on realizing this devtas went into a grave fear and decided that they must do something to prevent this from happening,


Agni dev came forward and reached kailash and took away this energy source to secure it from tarakasur., when devi parvati came out of her meditative state she was outraged with anger and learned agni dev have stolen it, she followed him to kritti lok and in her outrage she took the form of durga and cursed all of them to be never be able to bore a child and agni dev was cursed to burn anyone comes in contact with him to ashes regardless of being good or bad, righteous or wrong. Finally shiva came forth and makes her realize the reason of this happening, Devi parvati then took her son on her lap and went to kailash.


Skandmata can be seen riding a lion wit kartikeya sitting on her lap. Those who worship the deity are blessed not only with her blessings but of Skanda dev kartikeya as well. Navratri is the most auspicious time to worship the deity.


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