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Navratri 4th day Maa Kushmanda


Navratri 4th day Maa Kushmanda


Maa Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth day of navratri as she is a form manifested by Devi durga. Her name Kushmanda is given to her because it is believed that it was her smile that created the universe in egg shape. The Kushmanda Devi got her name because of this reason only “ku”, “ushm” and “anda” means little, smile of energy and an egg.


It is believed that long ago when even the universe did not existed and there was no presence of any mortal life and by mortal life you must know that even stars are mortal as they die eventually but have a very great life span, so this was the time when there was no presence of any mortal being or creature of any sort at that time it was devi kushmunda who smiled in her innocence and the energy of her smile created the universe in the shape of an egg. So she is the creator of everything that we are and know, it is believed that she lives in under the core of surya the central star of our solar system.


Her presence is very striking, this you can imagine as her smile alone created the universe. She has eight hands in which she holds different weapons and rosary, siddhi and niddhi’s and like all the durga roop she is a symbol of courage and she rides a lion.


Worshiping her will attain you eternal bliss in your life and you will get strength in achieving all that you desire in your life time. The fourth day of navaratri is the best day to worship the deity and receive her auspicious blessings in your life. It is advised by the vedas to observe a fast on this day in both chaitra and ashwin navratri.


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