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Navratri 3 day Maa Chandraghanta

Navratri 3 day Maa Chandraghanta


The third day of navratri is dedicated to the Chandraghanta roop of Devi durga, navratri parva celebrates all the nav roop of maa durga and due to this reason navratri is also addressed as navdurga sometimes. Maa Chandraghanta is a very beautiful manifestation of durga as she wears a half moon in the bell shape that is why she is called as “chandra” meaning moon and “ghanta” meaning bell the one who wears chandraghanta. The story of the origin of this roop of durga began when parvati wanted to marry lord shiva and after her resolute efforts finally shiva agreed to marry her.



Shiva as we know is the universal acceptor and is worshiped by all creatures be it humans, demons, goblins, ogres, gods, spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings. So finally when the day of marriage arrived shiva came on the doors of the palace of the kings of the mountains with his friends who were a part of every creature there is, shiva himself was in his most dangerous appearance when he approached the ceremony, when parvati father the king of mountains Himalaya and his wife came forward to welcome shiva, his wife fainted because of the fierce presence of Mahadev.



The father of parvati on seeing this went to her and asked her to control shiva and to do this she manifested herself into a beautiful goddess with ten hands and was basking with charm of golden nature, she have weapons in eight of her hands and in the remaining ones she have a bell in one and the other in position of giving blessing. She rides a lion to encourage courage and boldness in her devotees. On seeing this roop of devi shiva was spell bounded and agreed on lowering his fearsome presence into a normal but charming one, that is how shiva and parvati got married, this manifestation of her is celebrated on third day of Navratri.


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