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Significance of Navaratri Puja


Navaratri comes twice a year as known commonly but the parva actually comes four times which is known as Vasant, Magha, Ashadh and Shardiya navaratri, out of all these four two which are most known is Vasant and Magha respectively.


Navaratri the very word made up of two Sanskrit words “nav” and “ratri” meaning nine and nights respectively. Each of these nights is dedicated to the different incarnation of Devi Shakti and durga; these nine days are symbol of cleansing your soul and accepting righteous path in your life.


Once brahma was asked by brahaspati the benefits of navratri and lord brahma told him that whoever worships durga in these days is saved from the guilt of all lives and he becomes blessed with all material benefits in his life span and becomes much closer to moksha.


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Benefits of Navaratri Puja


There are enormous benefits of navaratri puja; whoever shows complete devotion to maa durga during these nine days is blessed with


  • Attraction of wealth and riches in his life.
  • Business and career reaches to new heights and profits are observed.
  • All materialistic gains are observed in life
  • Protection from all ailments is provided to you and your family
  • Enemies are deflected away from your life
  • Prosperity and abundance is attracted in your life


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