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Natraja Puja

Natraja Puja Significance of Natraja

Shiva has many forms and has incarnated eleven times to save our world and restores balance in the universe and the most beautiful but yet angriest form of shiva is Natraja, he is the form when shiva moves the cosmic influences for destruction and creation through his dance form.

The dance form which destructs everything in the universe and is most feared is tandava which is capable to bring the apocalypse in the whole universe and the one which is calm and uses creation as its result is the form known as Lasya.

Because of these reasons shiva is called as the king of dance the nata- raja or Natraja

Benefits of Natraja Puja

The puja associated with this form of shiva is very beneficial for those who are associated with the field of art, music and dance as just like Devi saraswati you will be blessed by the shiva but what is important here to know that every puja in hinduism is done through the instructions of vedas which are the creation of brahma.

Similarly the Natraja puja also have a combination of mantras and method to use them which we know as rituals. If these rituals are not invoked, recited and chanted in a proper way they will not give you the result you want.

So make sure this puja is carried out in the presence of a genuine pandit or a practionar who understands the vedas completely and follows complete Vedic instructions. A well performed puja will gain you benefits such as

  • and prosperity will come in your life
  • If you are in media line such as dance, music and art then you will see success
  • Fame and glory will come in your life
  • Wealth and riches attraction will be observed
  • Goal achieving will become much easier for you


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