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Masik Dates

Shivaratri comes every month at the fourteenth day as per the hindu calendar and this night is marked by the presence of no moon on this night this is the very reason we call this as shivaratri which is nothing but the night of shiva. Altogether there are twelve shivaratri throughout the year and these nights are considered very auspicious and divine in nature as shiva is most giving on this night and whatever you will ask will be fulfilled, below we have given all the necessary details you need to know to worship lord shiva on the day of shivratri.


January 08 Masik Shivaratri Friday 24:00+ to 24:55+
February 06 Masik Shivaratri Saturday 24:08+ to 25:01+
March 07 Maha Shivaratri Monday 24:06+ to 24:56+
April 05 Masik Shivaratri Tuesday 24:04+ to 24:46+
May 05 Masik Shivaratri Thursday 23:56 to 24:39+
June 03 Masik Shivaratri Friday 23:58 to 24:39+
July 02 Masik Shivaratri Saturday 24:04+ to 24:45+
August 01 Masik Shivaratri Monday 24:06+ to 24:48+
August 30 Masik Shivaratri Tuesday 23:58 to 24:44+
September 29 Masik Shivaratri Thursday 23:46 to 24:35+
October 28 Masik Shivaratri Friday 23:39 to 24:31+
November 27 Masik Shivaratri Sunday 23:41 to 24:36+
December 27 Masik Shivaratri Tuesday 23:41 to 24:36+


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