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Manglik Dosh Remedies

Manglik Dosh Remedies What is Manglik Dosh?


Mangal dosh occurs in a person’s life when the presence of mangal planet is more dominant in a person’s life then other planets. We will explain how this happens as we know all the planets are constantly moving in the solar system including our own and each and every planet exerts a certain force on our life and the planet which was closest to earth when we were born becomes our ruling planet. So in the case of mangalik person, mangal planet is the ruling planet and this planet is considered not so lucky for the person as it imparts qualities such as anger, clash and conflict and not by hindu astrological system in most major astrology have realized the similar phenomenon for example mangal is known as mars which is the name of a Roman god of war.


How it affects you?


Mangalik dosha affects mainly the personal life of a person and his relationships such as


  • Unnecessary clashes, fights and quarrels are observed between couples
  • Most people face problems in getting married
  • The most dangerous aspect of the story begins when people get married as this dosha affects the health and life of the spouse.
  • In extreme cases it can even cause experience of untimely death

    Mangalik Dosh Remedies


    Well do not worry, if you have mangalik dosha present in your kundali as our great rishis and sages of ancient India have worked really hard to study the astronomical movements and found methods and remedies all our problems, some of which are listed below


  • Mangalik dosha nivaran puja
  • Navgraha shanti puja
  • Manglik nivaran mantra jaap and yagna
  • Marriage of two mangalik people as per vedic instructions
  • Marriage with a tree or stone as per vedic instructions

    Our service


    We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual methods. We are dedicated team of genuine practionar who have studding Vedic practice since the age of six years and can produce accurate and precise results for you, if you wish to perform mangalik dosh remedies than leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number.