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Malikarjuna Swami Jyotirling

Malikarjuna swami is the temple dedicated to the jyotirling of Mahadev Shiva which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Though every jyotirling is unique in its own and is equally important but have a mythological significance attached with all the twelve of them.


Malikarjuna story began at the time when lord ganesh got married and his elder brother kartikeya was not pleased with this decision as he was the elder brother and rightfully he should have been married first, being angry of this kartikeya left kailash and resided at the mountain of Kraunch which is today found in Andhra.


Each and every god visited to console kartikeya but he did not returned to kailash. Finally, when no way was left lord shiva and mata parvati decided to visit kartikeya themselves. On learning this kartikeya left the mount and when shiva visited along parvati decided to stay there in the form of jyotirling which we know today as Malikarjuna. This is a very special jyotirling as both Devi parvati and shiva are residing in it this is the very reason it called as Malikarjuna which is made of two words “malika” and “arjuna” which means parvati and shiva.


It is believed that even if the person sees the tip of the mountain at which the temple is located he is relived from all his past life sins and is cleansed like newly born baby which can help him attain moksha. Millions of followers from all around the world visit the temple every year, it is believed that if someone visits all the twelve jyotirling his soul is relieved from the cycle of rebirth and attains moksha from this world.


Some exciting facts about Malikarjuna Jyotirling


  • The only jyotirling of shiva where Devi parvati is also present in it.

  • Lord Kartikeya played an important role in its formation.

  • The whole story of this jyotirling began because of the wedding of Lord Ganesh


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