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Makarsankranti 2016

Makarsankranti 2016 MakarSankranti is one of the popular festival of Hindu and it’s celebrated on a large scale in India with great enthusiasm and pomp & show. In India, Makarsankranti is known by variousnames as Pongal, Lohri, Maghi and so on. Since its festival belongs to the new crop, people celebrate it to showcase their gratitude to God.


Makar Sankranti and Its Importance


Saying would not be wrong that MakarSankranti is celebrated not just because of one reason but there are many reasons behind celebrating MakarSankranti on a large scale. In this section, we are going to shed light over the significance of MakarSankranti.


  • Apart from being festivals belong to harvest, Makarsankrani holds great value to affect the Astrology too. On this festival, it’s considered that Sun makes entry into the zodiac sign of MakarRashi.

  • MakarSankrani is celebrated at Magh 1st as per Hindu calendar which also indicates the end of winter and the starting of spring in India.

  • It’s also called a big day as the day gets large in comparison of Night.

  • On this auspicious day, people take bath in the holy river and head to their religious place like GuruDwara and Temple in order to worship God and offering gratitude for good Crop.


What People Do On Makarsankranti


Though, we are living in the modern era where we have got engaged with technology, but still we always find time to celebrate MakarSankranti. This festival is not only important for the farmers, but for all Hindus. On this day, people take shower early in the morning. And head to the temple and GuruDwara in order to pay worship to God. Many people also arrange especial puja on this day.


In Punjab, Lohri and Maghiare celebrated. Saying would not be wrong that only the name of festival has got changed, but the essence of this festival is still same. People wish each other and exchange Prashad called KICHDI made from the new crop of Rice and MoongDaal. Donate Khichri among the needy people considered very auspicious on this special day.


Special pooja is also conducted in temples. People belong to Sikh Community celebrateLohri in the evening which is very popular. Many people get together and dance around the fire. They also throw PeaNut in that fire and then serve this Prashad among their relatives and friends.


In a nutshell, it can be said that MakarSankranti is an auspicious festival brings a lot of happiness.