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Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling

Mahakaleshwar jyotirling is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the city of Ujjain and is one of the twelve jyotirling which are dedicated to lord shiva.


The story of formation of these jyotirling goes back when lord Vishnu and lord Brahma went into a quarrel of being the most supreme to stop this conflict shiva made an infinite ray of light and gave them the task to find its end and whoever will find first will be the most supreme both searched for ages but were unable to find the end of the light source and finally returned to shiva but brahma being clever falsely said that he have reached the end seeing this vishnu accepted his defeat but shiva knew that brahma have not found it realizing both that only Mahadev shiva can do such a wonder which is even out of the reach of vishnu and brahma accepted lord shiva as the supreme deity in all the worlds.


Mahakaleshwar is one of these jyotirling and the stories associated with it are well known to the tribe’s nearby, one such story is that the Brahman of this place were troubled by the demon king who had received a boon from brahma and was creating menace and problems in there yagna and puja.


The brahmans tried to stay unaffected by the presence of these asuras, seeing this the demon king ordered his best men’s to go and kill all the brahmans but before they could arrive news leaked to the brahmans and they started praying to lord shiva.


When demon with his men arrived a very large crater appeared from inside the ground and a voice came out that if any of the Brahman will be touched all will be killed, ignoring this all the demons attacked the brahmans and lord shiva appeared and killed each and every asura, this was the Mahakaleshwar avatar of lord shiva and the temple was built here. Later this temple was destroyed by many attacks and was rebuilt by the help of Bajirao Peshwa and his commanders on the plea of pandits of that time.


Some exciting facts about Mahakaleshwar


  • This jyotirling is associated with the one incarnation of shiva

  • The temple is built in a way that any musical instrument played can be heard from any place of the temple regardless of distance

  • Peshwa Bajirao helped in the renovation of this temple


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