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Maha Kali Yantra

Maha Kali Yantra Maha Kali Mantra is worshipped to get the blessings of Mata Kali. This Yantra protects from all the ill influence of the surrounding and fills life with unending pleasure and happiness. Moreover, it eliminates the influences of black magic and the bad influences of the nine planets, especially Planet Saturn.


If your life is surrounded with many known and unknown problems and you find it difficult to resolve all of them then worship Maha Kali Yantra to get a solution of your problems.


How to Worship Maha Kali Yantra


This Yantra is very powerful. But at the same time you need to follow some strict principles to get the blessing. Clean your body and make your mind free from all the evil thoughts before starting the puja. Place the Yantra in a peaceful environment, facing the east direction.


Then start the puja with diya, incense sticks, and flowers. Always concentrate on the Yantra while worshipping. Take purified water by a leaf of any tree and sprinkle it on you, followed by the Yantra. Then you can ask your Yantra to fulfill all your material and spiritual wishes with full dedication and devotion.


Benefits of the Maha Kali Yantra


Maha kali Yantra is very effective. It fulfills all your desires and helps you to meet your spiritual goal. The best thing about this Yantra is that is removes obstacles from your life and reduces all the bad influences such as black magic and any other negative energy. Some of the other benefits of this Yantra are given below.


  • It reduces the influences of spirit and ghost

  • It removes all the obstacles from your personal and professional life

  • It ends sufferings and sorrows of your life

  • It fills life with worldly pleasures and happiness

  • It resolves health complications such as blood pressure, nervous disorders, and paralysis


Worship this Yantra to get all the above benefits.


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