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Laghu Nariyal

Laghu Nariyal LaghuNariyal (Small Coconut) is a very rare product; the shape of this coconut is very small compare to the original coconut. It is tiniest form of the nariyal with the three eyes. LaghuNariyal also known as the giver of the Goddess Laxmi.


The main use of the laghunariyal is for the money enhances and brings wealth and prosperity. If you keepLaghuNariyal on white cloth in puja altar or locker it brings lots of money and removes your finance problems. It is believed that where LaghuNariyal placed Goddess Laxmi resides there permanently.


Small Coconut found in the sea-shore, it is very effective and most valuable religious product.KamiyaSindoor will provide you the original LaghuNariyal for the Puja Path activities. The Image of the LaghuNariyal is self-taken by the KamiyaSindoor.


If you purchase the LaghuNariyal then KamiyaSIndoor will provide the Complete Vidhi of the pUja how to use or worship the Laghunariyal for the best results.


Uses of the LaghuNariyal


You can use the SiddhLaghuNariyal for many purpose and many ways:


  • Use LaghuNariyal in every Goddess worship mainly Ma LaxmiJi.

  • Always put the LaghuNariyal in your Tijori or the Galla.

  • You can use LaghuNariyal to remove all Doha of your Kundali.

  • You can use in any Tantra, Puja Path.

  • For the peace in your home use the LaghuNariyal.

  • For the Money and Finance Problems use LaghuNariyal.

  • For the Success in Business and Career use LaghuNariyal



लघु नारियल के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Benefits of the LaghuNariyal


There are lots of benefits of the Small Coconut (LaghuNariyal):


  • It removes the Money and Finanace Problems.

  • It removes the Shanidosha from the Kundali.

  • It protects from the Evil effects and Black Magic effects.

  • It also helps in pregnancy problems of the women’s.

  • In the vashikaran and black magic removal it helps.

  • Use Combination of the LaghuNariyal for the best result in any particular problems.


Want to know more about the Small Coconut (LaghuNariyal) in detail Contact 09870286388 or 09870286388, KamiyaSindoor will happy to help you.


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