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Kumbh Mela 2016

Importance of Kumbh Mela


Kumbh mela is the one of the most auspicious religious gathering in Hindu religion, and the largest religious gathering known in the world. A Kumbh mela arrives at a place after every twelve years; mainly there are only four main places Allahabad, haridwar, nashik and Ujjain.


The time and year of this parva is decided by the alighnment of stars which occurs only once a twelve year. The maha Kumbh on the contrary happens in the life span of 144 years only once. It is believed that whoever takes bath in the Kumbh mela gets rid of all his sins of this life and past life. A lot of sadhu, naga sadhu, aghori and all type of normal people come to take a dip in the river and to be blessed by gods.


Mythological reference of Kumbh Mela


According to vedas, the oldest reference of Kumbh comes when samudra manthan took place and amrit came out as a byproduct both the asura and deva wanted eat so badly that to save it from being misused it was taken directly to lord Vishnu and in that process altogether four drops of it fell on earth at which place today Kumbh is celebrated since then


Kumbh Mela 2016


This year Kumbh mela is arriving in Ujjain at the banks of river shipra after the period of twelve years and will start 22 April and will end on 21 may. A spiritual gathering like this is not something that should be missed; it is believed that a person must visit kumbha once in his lifetime to be blessed and get rid of all the sins he has committed in his previous lives, one bath can make you attain the possibility of being able to achieve moksha in this life time.