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Know your Lucky Car Number

Importance of your lucky number


Numbers have a magical world of their own; each number imparts certain amount of energy which is its ruling aura that affects anything that is in its contact be it celestial bodies, stars, planets and even us the humans and all the living and non -living beings. Now realizing the importance of this affect can completely change your life.


Every person is an under the effect of a number, it can either be your birth date which is a number, can be the number or time equivalent when you first opened your eyes, walked or talked, each person is born under a nakshatra and have a certain natal chart which gives the details of the position of planets and stars at the time of birth, study of all of this determines your lucky number which can be useful in determining your overall success and failures.

Know your lucky Car number


Now numbers affect your vehicles as well, ever wondered why some people keep a number which increases there success from a mere scooter to the top model car and others even after buying an expensive vehicle face regular accidents, health problems and in extreme cases death as well.


All of this happens because of the combination of the number you keep for your vehicle that is your number plate. It acts as an attractor of good fortune or bad fortune.


You can know your lucky car number by getting details of your birth chart, your favoring nakshatra details which will change your life in numerous positive ways and will act only as an attractor of luck and good fortune in your life.


Benefits of your lucky car number


  • Will safeguard you from any life threatening situation such as accident, break failure, and over speed even death.
  • Will keep your concentration and focus intact while you drive.
  • Will attract positive outcomes in your life such as new opportunities to improve your life.
  • Will improve your business and career.
  • Presence of a lucky car number will attract monetary opportunities as well.
  • Wherever you travel with it fame, glory and success will be observed.


The cost of finding out your lucky car number by studding your kundali, natal chart, effect of nakshatra and the ruling planet will be 1100 only.


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