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Know your Lucky Car Color

How a color affects your car?


Colors acts as a communication medium, as an attractor of positive and negative energy. Since, the time we are born we communicate with colors first than with anything else; ever seen a person whose luck improves with a presence of a certain color in his life and other color attracts problems, such as for a person red color could bring luck but for some other can bring conflicts.


Colors speak and impart effects in our lives, so does they do to your vehicle, a lucky color can increase the rate of success in your life while an unlucky color can do the reverse.


Know your lucky car color


The color that will be lucky for your car and you is determined by studding your natal chart and kundali. This process explains the color which suits your personality and how others around you will perceive it also.


At your birth there was a certain alignment of stars, planets and nakshatra was present that is in direct relation with your lucky color, number, day and much more.


A correct lucky color is not that simple to find. It can only be determined by those who have complete knowledge of vedic astrology and traditional astrology and defining lucky for an object you will use such as your car in this case becomes more complexed, that is why it is always advised to seek professional help in these matters otherwise instead of luck, problems can arise.


Benefits of your luck car number


Once you have the knowledge of your lucky car number you can observe its effects in numerous parts of your life such as


  • The protection of your vehicle and of you is from any life threatening situation such as accidents and machinery problem.
  • A right color will attract wealth and riches opportunity in your life.
  • It will improve your focus, concentration and wisdom to take right decisions.
  • A positive environment will be created wherever you will go by your car.
  • If you have business which involves a lot of travel by car than it will improve profits in your life.
  • Effects of malefic planets such as rahu and ketu which can create hurdles in your life and can even cause untimely death will be removed with presence of your lucky color car.


The cost of finding out your lucky car color by studding your kundali, natal chart, effect of nakshatra and the ruling planet will be 1100 only.


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