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Know Any Indian Festival Information

Hindu religion is vary vast when it comes to its rituals as a hundred of festivals comes every year as per the Hindu panchang system where each festival is dedicated to a different form of a god. For, example there are all together twelve shivratri that comes throughout the year one in each month.


Similarly there are twenty two Vishnu ekadashi that are celebrated throughout the year. Each month marks many important festivals which are celebrated with different form of rituals as our directed by our vedas.


All the information of Hindu festival


Here on kamiya sindoor we will provide you with all the necessary details you need to know about all the Hindu festivals throughout the year as per panchang and our Vedas. All the questions related to


  • How to celebrate the festival?
  • Viddhi to perform the puja
  • Vrat viddhi involved with festival
  • Importance of the festival
  • Samigri of the puja of the festival
  • Special tips of the rituals of important festivals such as Dhanteras, Holi, Diwali, Chatth, Navratri and many others.
  • Benefits of worshiping on the festival


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