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Kedaarnath Jyotirling


Kedaarnath is a very famous jyotirling which is of high extreme among his devotees; one most important fact about this temple is that it is located at the highest point compared to all other jyotirling. The name of the jyotirling comes as this place was known by the name of Kedar khand at the time of the formation of the temple today we know this place as Uttarakhand.


The mythological story of the formation of this temple can be traced back to the dwapar yug when Mahabharata took place, when the war was over and pandavas became victorious in it were still under the heavy weight of killing their own relatives and wanted to repent themselves so they all decided to go for the pilgrimage to find lord shiva and seek his blessings.


After wandering for number of days they reached this place kedar khand and saw bholenath at distant but when reached saw nothing, this made them realized that shiva want them to penance to be removed from the sins and all decided to do it through meditation after a long time of their meditation once they saw a buffalo who was not like any ordinary one, all tried to catch him but he was no ordinary buffalo to be cached so easily.


But bheem finally grabbed the buffalo but his face went under the snow as he pulled the head out it flew and landed in the Nepal part and from the body a spark of light originated which turned himself into shiva and he cleansed all the pandavas from their sins and turned himself into a triangular form of Jyotirling which was known by the name Kedarnath.


Some exciting facts about Kedaarnath


  • The head priest comes from a special community and is known by the name of Rawal and do not perform the pooja himself unlike any temple in India.

  • The temple which is associated as its brother temple is located in Nepal by the name of Doleshwar Mahadev

  • The only jyotirling that is present in triangular form.


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