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Karva Chauth 2016

Karva Chauth 2016 15th October, 2016: Karwa Chauth


Marriage is a lifetime commitment bond between two imperfect people which is made possible by the God himself, held together with limitless love, unshakeable faith and undying devotion for one another.


Our scriptures hold this institution sacred. Thus, all married females, specifically in North India fast one complete day without even a drop of water for the longevity of their husband.


This festival with passage of time has been gaining popularity by each passing year. It is now even undertaken by soon to be married females for their fiance.


Story Behind Karwa Chauth


The story behind Karwa Chauth revolves around Queen Veervathi who kept this stringent fast for her husband’s longevity. She was the only sister to seven brothers. The brothers could not see their sister thirsty and hungry.


Thus, they tricked her to believe that the Moon had already risen and she broke her fast. As a result, thousands of pins were embedded in the body of her husband who goes off to indefinite sleep. Queen Veervathi again fasts the next year with all rituals and finally freed her husband from all the pins.


Why is it Celebrated ?


All Hindu females fast for a day for the longevity of their spouse. They pray to the Goddess to grant them with a long, happy, married life.


Muhurat of Karva Chauth


Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth day of the dark-fortnight, or Krishna Paksh, of the month of Kartik. The shubh muhurat for the evening puja begins at 5:42 pm to 6:59 PM on 19th October, 2016. The moon shall rise at 8:50 pm on this auspicious day.


Benefits of Karva Chauth Puja


‘Karwa’ literally stands for a pot and ‘chauth’ means fourth. Married women worship Lord Shiva and his family including Lord Ganesha for the long life of their husband.


Products to perform Karva Chauth puja


It is the most important Hindu Festival celebrating marriage as a divine institution. The rituals include:


  • Preparations for the festival begin few days in advance as bangles, mehndi, bindiya, jewellery, Mangal Sutra, all are revered and worn by the Married females.
  • Womenfolk wake up before sunrise to eat a small portion of food as prasad called ‘sargi’ which is traditionally given by the mother-in-law.

  • This is a strong fast where drinking water is also prohibited.
  • Women dress up in all finery in the evening to perform the Karwa puja together.

  • The fast is broken only after viewing the moon at night with the husband’s face.
  • Painted pots or ‘karwas’ filled with bangles, bindiya, cosmetics, etc. May also be exchanged amongst the women in certain parts.

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