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Kamdhenu Cow

Kamdhenu Cow Kamdhenu is a divine cow and she resides in heaven. She was discovered by Gods during the Samudramanthan of Milk Ocean which was done collectively by Gods and demons. Kamdhenu cow was presented to seven saints by Gods to be benefited by her milk and other qualities. And later Brahmarshi Vashista became her owner.


It is believed that all the deities reside in the body of Kamdhenu. Hence Kamdhenu is known as the combined power of all God and Goddesses. She is also considered as the mother of all cows.


Kamdhenu is a holy cow. Her complexion is white and every part of her body has a religious meaning. She has four legs and that represent four Vedas. Her face represents sun and moon and her shoulder Agni.


This divine cow get the divine presence of all deities in her body and that makes her more powerful than any God. Kamdhenu cow is worshipped for fulfilling all the material desires. The owner of the Kamadenu gets all the ambitions fulfilled.


Kamdhenu Mantra:


|| Namo devyai Maha devyai Surabyai cha namo namo
Gavam Bheeja swaroopaya Namasthe Jagad Ambike ||




  • Fulfills all the desires

  • Worshipping her with her daughter Nandini is considered auspicious and that fills life with all worldly happiness

  • By worshipping her one can get the blessings of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga In Indian culture cow are worshipped for their sacrificial nature. Though there is no Kamdhenu Temple as such but this holy cow is revered by all.