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Kamdev Rati Puja For Marry To Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

 Kamdev Rati Puja For Marry To Girlfriend Or Boyfriend


Loving a person with all your heart is a great joy of life. But sometimes the lovers don’t get the opportunity to marry the love of their lives dur to family restrictions or several other reasons.


If you have a girlfriends or boyfriend whom you truly love and want to make him or her your life partner without making much effort in this regard then you should seriously consider doing the Kamdev Rati Puja.


Kamdev God and Rati goddess are the preacher’s essence of love and care so when you pray them to give you the love of your life in a proper manner then they would certainly do that.


Mantra of Kamdev Rati Puja:


1. Om hrim kaali kapaline ghoornadeenee vishvam vimohya, Jagnamohya sarva mohya mohya thah thah thah swaha.


Key aspects of Kamdev Rati Puja:


  • This puja should include staphna of all main gods and goddesses like Ganesh, Devi, Brahma, Kalash and Navgraha.

  • This puja should include an Aarti.

  • This puja will be more effective if it’s done by a learned pandit.


Benefits of the Kamdev Rati Puja:


  • This puja will help you to marry the love of your life. If your family is opposed to the relationship, this puja will help them realize that you have chosen the right life partner.

  • This puja will also help you to add romance and passion to your existing relationship.

  • This puja is very beneficial for people who want to look good and attract the people of the opposite sex.

  • This puja is also good for people who want to be more charming and thus have a great personality that influences other people.

  • This puja is also good for people who want to use their looks and personalities to control the decision made by others and turn it to their favor.


Disclaimer about Kamdev Rati Puja


  • Duration of Kamdev Rati Puja is 27 to 45 Days
  • Expected Result time is within 45 to 90 Days
  • We only Perorm puja by using the Puja Samagri, Pandit and Prasad cost.
  • For any issue with result and gurantee is not responsible it totally depends on the vendor that performed the puja.

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