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Kamdev Combination

 Kamdev Combination The world cannot live on without being attracted towards the opposite sex, this is the very reason we are borne in the physical bodies, human life have not just one purpose but many, and the purpose of our physical form is to take the species ahead.


Now the god who ignites this passion, this want, desire inside us to want the other person. The spark of love for someone inside your heart is Kamdev .He is the god of love; yes that feeling of butterflies inside your stomach, the music in the air, that happy feeling is all done by lord Kamdev to you.


Legends of Kamdev


Now, if we go by the legend, there are many stories to the birth of Kamdev, it is believed that he is born out the mind of lord brahma, another story says he was the son of goddess sri. He has the power to even ignite the spark between the gods. It is believed that once there was a demon who was ruling all over the world and even heavenly gods were under his effect.


When there was no way left all the devtas went to lord Vishnu for the solution, he advised them to that only the son of lord shiva will be able defeat this demon but the problem was that lord shiva was in deep meditation and no one has the courage to ask him for help because of his anger.


At every attempt when no solution was found Indra ordered Kamdev to go and ignite the spark in the heart of lord shiva heart so we can be saved of this calamity? Kamdev came as a rescue and shiva and parvati gave birth to their son kartikeya who defeated the demon and saved the world.


Magnetic Personality effect


Have you seen a person who is welcomed everywhere, wherever he goes the opposite sex gets attracted toward him or her? Most of the stars these days are wanted by blind fan following and lets agree they are not the best looking people on earth.


So, what it is that is driving this force towards them. It’s just not with the starts but people around us, who are wanted the same way, they act as a magnet that attracts everybody towards them.


Beneficial for you


Now if you want to be a person like this and want to attract the opposite sex towards you, then we have something that can help you achieve that. By the years of study of the Vedic rituals and mantras, genuine practitioners have developed a method to activate the Kamdev inside you through the Kamdev combination.


This combination helps you to seek the blessings of the lord Kamdev, and once you are showered with his blessings, love is something that will not be away from you, multiple partners will be attracted towards you and wherever you go, you will possess the power which you never experienced before. Those who want to go into glamour world, Bollywood, modeling and even for the people of the normal walks of life this is a gift from our ancient vedas.


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