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Uses and Benefits of Kamakhya Yantra, How to place Kamakhya yantra?

Kamakhya Yantra


What is Kamakhya Yantra?


Kamakhya Yantra is a spiritual brass yantra in which Kamakhya Devi photo, Kamakhya Devi Shri Yantra, Kamakhya Devi mantra is written.


It is 24 Carat gold plated brass yantra of size 4 inch height and width; you can place it and worship it to get the blessing of Goddess Kamakhya Devi.


Kamakhya Yantra is the strength and power of Mata Kamakhya. This Yantra is worshipped by Kamakhya Mata devotees to please Mata Kamakhya and to get her blessings.


This Yantra is very powerful and effective and it is strengthened by the powerful mantra of Mata Kamakhya.


How to worship Kamakhya Yantra?


You can worship the Kamakhya Yantra via following ways:


  • If you got the Kamakhya Yantra then start its pujan from Monday or Friday.
  • First place the Kamakhya yantra in front of your Home temple on a red Cloth or Kamakhy Chunni.
  • Throw some Ganga Jal or Kamakhya Jal on it to make it pure or shuddhi.
  • Now Make tilak on all four corners on this yantra and chant the written mantra on it 11 times.
  • Now wrap a Kalawa on mid of it and bind it tight.
  • Now Place this Yantra on your home temple or you can also hang anywhere by wrapping a chunni on it.


Benefits of the Kamakhya Yantra


Kamakhya Yantra is considered helpful to reduce all the bad influences from life and to create positive energy to fight against all the odds of life.


Some of the other benefits of the Kamakhya Yantra are given below.


  • For money problem solution in business and shop Kamakhya Yantra is very useful.
  • Kamakhya Yantra is also used for the healing purpose.
  • It reduces negative energy from life.
  • It removes the ill influences of the spirits.
  • It creates positive environment at home or workplace.
  • It helps to get success in business or profession.
  • It opens path for all around development.
  • It is helpful to get your desired love.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy and successful married life.
  • It can be helpful to win court cases and legal matters.
  • If you place Kamakhya yantra with the Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantra then it removes all problems of business and brings profit.


You can get all the above benefits by worshipping Kamakhya Yantra. This Yantra is very useful and can help you to get a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.


What is Siddh Kamakhya yantra?


If you perform a small puja ritual and chant the mantra as per any person Name, birth details and Gotra then this yantra becomes Energized or Siddh.


Siddh Kamakhya Yantra is more beneficial and powerful compare to non siddh and you can get best results from this.


So you can also energize this Kamakhya Yantra on your Name, birth details and Gotra for this send your birth details on this email:


How to get Kamakhya Yantra?


For Indian customer to buy Kamakhya Devi Yantra there are following options to buy:


  • Via Account Transfer the Yantra Cost,
  • Via Online Paymnet the Yantra Cost,
  • Via Cash on Delivery method.


But if you are other than India customer then you can buy the Kamakhya Yantra via Western Union Money transfer.


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