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Kamakhya Temple Mela

Kamakhya Temple Mela


Mata Kamakhya is one of the popular deities of Hindu religion and is well-known among the tantriks. Eight types of festivals are observed in Kamakhya and ambubachi mela is one of them.


This mela starts when Mata goes through her annual menstruation and it continues for three days and during this periodMata remains in isolation and no rituals are performed in these days.


The temple priest and devotees wear red clothes and offers red flowers and garlands to Kamakhya goddess to get her blessing. And on the fourth day the temple reopens with a grand ceremony and sacrifices were also made to please Kamakhya.


Mela dates


Ambubachi mela starts on the 7th day of Asad every year when Mata Kamakhya goes to her annual menstrual cycle and it continues for four days. First three days the temple remains closed and the fourth day is the day of big celebration. Agricultural activities are not allowed andare considered inauspicious during this period as Devi Kamakhya represents Mother Earth.


Festival of tantriks


Tantriks from all over the world come to participate in this festival and to get the blessing of Devi Kamakhya and to get siddhi of their tantra knowledge. People from different categories from householders, saints, magicians, to trantriks and tantra experts all come here to celebrate this festival and to get the blessing of Mata Kamakhya.


Four day is the day of celebration


The temple remains closed for the first three days and on the fourth day all the devotes wait for the reopening of the temple to get the blessing of Mata Kamakhya and to get the unique prasad that is a small piece of red cloth and it is to believed to be moist in the menstrual discharge of Devi Kamakhya.


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