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Kamakhya Pavitra Yoni Jal

Kamakhya Pavitra Yoni Jal According to the legends of Hindu religion, the body parts of goddess Sati fell over many places, today we know these places as devi Shakti Peetha.


It is believed that the vulva part of the Devi goddess fell over the mountain of nilanchal, where a magnanimous temple was built which is known by the name of Kamakhya devi Shakti Peetha.



The most important part of the temple is a cave located twenty feet under of surface level known as the “garbh Grah” which means the embryo place. At this place a vulva shaped sculpture is sculpted which is known as the vulva piece of goddess sati.



The sculpture is coated with silver coating and people offer flowers, holy cloth and sindoor as their offering to the goddess, a flow of water can be observed through the vulva part of the sculpture which is known as the “kamakhya yoni pavitra jal”.



It is believed that this water is extremely powerful and it helps in attaining moksha. Followers, those who visit this place are blessed with this holy water. It is also believed that the great sages and rishis of India have attained moksha with the help of this water.


This water is considered of auspicious properties as it removes all sorts of pain, disease, helps in obtaining child, marriage problems, love problems, paranormal issues and career problems.



Followers from all around the globe come here to seek the blessings of kamakhya Devi, those who suffer from mangalik dosha also brings this holy water to their place to get rid of the dosha.








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