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Kamakhya Mantra

Kamakhya Mantra Kamakhya Devi is the goddess of fulfilling desires, people from across the world visits her temple to seek her blessings in Assam, but offering your puja to the goddess will only be of half effect if you do not know the proper mantras to call the goddess, a mantra acts as a direct connection the follower and the deity, we are listing some important mantras that are crucial to gain blessing from the goddess


Kamakhya Mantra


This mantra must be performed or chanted early morning after taking bath in the presence of the idol of maa kamakhya, and Ganga jal must be sprinkled all over to seek her blessings.


  • Kamakhya Beej Mantra


    !! Kleem KleemKaamaakhyaaKleemKleemnamah !!

  • KamakhyaVashikaran Mantra


    !!Om namo kamakshi Devi aamuki me vanshamkurukuruswaha!!

  • Kamakhya Devi Mantra


    !! KamakhyVarade Devi Nilparvatvasini, Twam Devi JagatamMataryonimudreNamostute!!

  • KamakhyaPranam Mantra


    !! Kamakhyekaamsampanekamesvari hari priye,
    Kaamnaamdehi me nityemkaamesvarinamostute!!


Method of performing Kamya Sindoor puja


Those who are using this sindoor must first have immense respect and faith towards Kamakhya Devi. To begin with the pooja, make yourself completely relaxed, wear a red clothing and place the sindoor in a silver utensil or a box and chant the mantras for at least hundred and eight times.


“Kamakyaye Varde Nilpavarta Wasini goddess |


Tw mother earth goddess YonimudraeNmoshute ||”


Begin chanting this mantra from the day of Friday; keep the sindoor on your palm and mix with ganga jal, Kesar, Chandan while chanting the mantra and apply this solutions tilak on your forehead, by doing so you will be able to attract the desired person. These mantras can be performed by male and female followers both.


Mantra for applying kamakhya sindoor on forehead


Orate this mantra for seven or eleven times exact before applying this as tilak on your forehead


"Kamakhyam Kamsampanna Hrpriya Kameswari |


Dehi making continual KameswariNmoshute ||”

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