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What is Kamakhya Kit? Uses and Benefits of Siddh Kamakhya Kit, Call or Whatsapp: +919818542254

Complete Kamakhya Kit


What is Kamakhya Kit?


Kamakhya Kit is a combination of all products obtained from Kamakhya Temple. It’s a great divine sets of all holy products of this certain place, and this kit products are in scripted and energized with all Mantras of Kamakhya Devi to conduct special puja and Vidhi.


You can use the Kamakhya Kit for the worship to fulfill your desire, with the help of blessing of the Ma Kamakhya your all desire will get to you within certain time period.


How Many products in Kamakhya Kit?


In complete Kamakhya Kit you will get 5 or 7 Products of Kamakhya Devi.


  1. Holy Kamakhya Sindoor,
  2. Kamakhya Jal (Kamakhya Water)
  3. Kamakhya Vastra (Raktbeej Cloth)
  4. Kamakhya Tabiz
  5. Auspicious Kamakhya Kada
  6. Kamakhya Yantra
  7. Mata Ki Chunni


What are benefits of Kamakhya Kit?


  • Kamakhya Kit is used for the solution of all types of the Money and Finance problems.
  • Kamakhya Kit is used for all types of relationship problem solution.
  • Kamakhya Kit is very useful for the solution of all types of the Legal Matter and Court case problems.
  • For attraction and Vashikaran this kit is also used.
  • For success in career and good job Kamakhya Kit is very useful.
  • For Marriage related any problems like delay in marriage, marital dispute, extra marital affair and divorce case problem solution Kamakhya Kit is very beneficial.
  • For success in all works you must use the Kamakhya Kit all products.
  • Protection from Evil Eye and Bhoot Pret Badha kamakhya kit is very useful.
  • Kamakhya Kit is used for Removal of Black Magic, evils, ghosts, negative powers.
  • Kamakhya Kit is very useful and Effective in Tantra Shadhna for all Tantriks and Kapaliks.


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What is Siddh Kamakhya Kit?


If you energize all Kamakhya Products by Chanting the mantra on it on your Name, birth details and Gotra then it becomes energize or Siddh.


And Siddh Kamakhya Kit becomes more powerful and effective compare to Non Siddh Kamakhya Kit.


How to use Kamakhya Kit?


If you receive the Kamakhya Kit and then you can follow these rituals to use and worship the whole Kamakhya Kit.


  • Kamakhya Sindoor : You can make tilak of Kamakhya Sindoor.
  • Kamakhya Vastra: You can wear the Vastra by inserting in to Tabiz.
  • Kamakhya Kada: You have to wear the Kamakhya Kada.
  • Kamakhya Jal: You can use the Kamakhya Jal to make pure all Kamakhya Products also you can place this in your home temple.
  • Kamakhya Yantra: You can place the Kamakhya Yantra in your home temple and worship it.


We will provide you complete written Vidhi of Kamakhya Kit with the essential Mantra for your use and worship.


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How to get Kamakhya Kit?


  • If you are Indian Customer then you can pay us via Account Transfer/Online and Cash on Delivery.
  • If you are outside India customer then you can pay us via Western Union Money Transfer.


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