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Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra

Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra If you wish to get darshan of Mata Kamakhya then you must include the Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra in your religious journeys. This is one of the most popular among 51 shakti peethas. This temple is built in Guwahati and is open throughout the year for all the devotees.


Legend behind Kamakhya Devi Temple


According to legends, this temple is built where the reproductive organs of Mata Parvati had fallen when Lord Shiva was carrying her corpse and when he was stopped by Lord Vishnu as Lord Shiva was performing his dance of destruction called as Tandava.



Best time for Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra


Though the temple is open 365 days a year, it would be best if you do this yatra in the months of October to April as the weather is pleasant during these times.


How to Travel for Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra?


You can travel either by bus, train or airplanes for this yatra. Travelling by train is a very viable option as the temple is located very near to the railway station.


Timing of visiting the Kamakhya Devi Temple


The temple opens at 8 am every morning till 1 pm. The temple then remains open from 2.30 pm to sunset. The aarti is done around 5.30 pm.


Why should you do Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra?


If you are wondering about the benefits you will get from completing the Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra then you should know that this yatra allows you to praise many faces of goddess Parvati.


This yatra can also help devotees to get all their wishes fulfilled. This yatra also plays a key role in helping a person to get salvation from all the materialistic desires of the modern world. Doing this yatra is once in a lifetime experience and this yatra is very simple to do by people of every age


How we can help in organizing Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra?


If you want assistance in organizing this Kamakhya Devi Temple Yatra, then you can feel free to contact us on 09870286388. We will assist you in organizing this yatra in the most satisfactory manner by charging a very nominal fee.


We will update you on the progress of the arrangements at all times so that you can know how your experience will be beforehand and remain free of all the tensions related to organizing the yatra yourself.


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