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Indrakshi Mala

Indrakshi Mala Indrakshi Mala is considered very powerful and beneficial. It protects the owner from any kind of harm and danger. This mala is made with the combination of 1 to 21 mukhis. It is believed that the wearer of Indrakshi mala achieves all happiness in life and leads a dignified and respected life.


This mala is considered best for those who want to command life, to obtain leadership and to lead society. And Indrakshi mala is more familiar among celebrities, leaders and influential personalities.


This is the one mala that can minimize all the bad impacts of nine planets and also attracts benefits from those planets. The mala has the potential to fulfill all the desire both earthly and spiritual.



Rudraksha Used in Indrakshi Mala


In Indrakshi Mala there are 1 to 21 Face Nepali Rudraksha with the gold capping.


All the Rudraksha will be certified by the Government Lab. Also Mala has own Lab certificate for the proof of the quality.




Benefits of the SiddhIndrakshi Mala


  • Indrakshi Mala fills life with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiv, Goddess Durga and other deities and protects the wearer from all kind of problems and evil influences
  • Builds up strong positivity by destroying all negative thoughts

  • Gets the blessing of Gayatri devi from her all forms
  • Fulfills all the worldly desires

  • Gives prosperity and happiness
  • Makes spiritual advancement and ultimately gives final emancipation that is Mokshya

  • Increases Kundalini power
  • Minimizes the ill influence of bad planets and strengthens their positive side

  • Protects from all kinds of natural dangers, harms and accidents



|| Om Aim HreemShreemKleemKloomIndrakshi Namah ||


KamiyaSindoor will also provide any combination of the Rudraksha Mala (Customized Rudraksha Mala) according to your need with the Lab Certification. Contact 09870286388 for more information about the Indrakshi or any other Rudraksha mala.


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