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Indrajal Silver Thayath

Indrajal Silver Thayath


Indrajal silver thayath is a very well-known religious and astrological item. Indrajal silver thayath comes in two form, in first form an indrajal shaped root is inscribed on silver plate, and in second form indrajal tree root is filled after grinding and energizing with puja and mantra.


In the astrological & religious history indrajal has been a much known tree and today it is also avery special plant.


Indrajal tree is very rarely found & known for its magical power and effects. It is used to remove any ill or evil effects. It also provides relief from nazar dosh, dispel the harmful and bad effects of negative energies around.


Indrajal tree root activate and spread the positive energies around a place and guard or shield the place against theft, negative energy and bad luck.


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