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Horoscope Analysis before Buying Vehicle

Cost of this Services: Rs: 1100/-


How a vehicle purchase affects your life?


A vehicle is a very important investment of anyone’s life, a major section of our population belongs to a middle class section and investing in a vehicle is considered a luxury and we all without a doubt wants to keep it safe and sound and us as well.


But mishappenings occurs and without a pre-notice, very likely it is possible to get involved in an accident on the road and it doesn’t matter how careful you are, there is always an idiot riding on the road who is fully equipped to make you reach the stars in the broad daylight.


But you can always avoid these situations with a little knowledge of your horoscope which is a summarized detail of your life’s upcoming events


Horoscope Analysis and Report before Buying Vehicle


We are providing you the complete details regarding you and the vehicle you wish to purchase. The report and analysis will discuss everything such as


  • What will be the best time for you to purchase the Vehicle.
  • What will be the lucky number for your vehicle.
  • Which color will be the luckiest for your vehicle.
  • What day is best for you to take the delivery of the vehicle.
  • What sort of puja must be done to for the safety of your vehicle.
  • What are the time in the near future which is not in your favor and can cause problems such as machinery failure and accidents.
  • A combination of yantra to avoid any untimely difficulty and problem.
  • And many aspects that will discussed briefly.




There is nothing more important than the safety of our family that is we are availing this detailed report just help the mankind at the price of 5100 only.


Our service


We as a service have collaborated to help the mankind through spiritual means. We are a dedicated team of genuine pandits and Vedic practionar and if you wish to have Horoscope Analysis and report before buying vehicle then leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline number.


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