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Holika Pujan

Holi Pujan


Holi puja is done in the celebration of the Holika dehan and for savior of bhakt prahallad, lord Vishnu. It is advised and written in the vedas that if you are planning to perform your offerings in the puja on the day of holi then the offering or puja is dedicated to Holika first despite the reason that she was the one who tried to kill prahallad in the fire.


Secondly the puja continues with prahallad and followed by Vishnu vandana or aarti, no puja will be considered complete without following this sequence on the day of holi.


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  • Ingredients and essentials of Holika Pujan Viddhi

  • Amount water preferably in the utensil such as lota, a bowl

  • Decent amount of the beads made up of cow dung

  • Quality rice which must not be fragile which means it should not be broken

  • Turmeric powder

  • Leaves of tulsi and flowers preferably of sunflower, gendha or roses

  • Kumkum powder and cotton (make small threads out of it)

  • portion of newly harvested crop or dhaan is offered in the puja for prosperity

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Holika Pujan Vidhi


1. Arrange a puja thali with the ingredients and essentials mentioned above and firstly chant mantra dedicated bhagwan Vishnu three times to thank him for his blessings.


“ ऊँ पुण्डरीकाक्ष: पुनातु “


2. After this offer you’re offering to Holika and followed by prahallad puja.


3. After this offer your puja to bhagwan Narsimha to seek his blessings


4. Offer your offering to Holika bonfire such as harvested crop and then distribute it among family and friends as prasad.


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